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We offer a chilled living room atmosphere to always make your stay and creative process as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. Outstanding Coffee, a couch garnish inside our recording room of 105 square meters, a beautiful refreshing garden and competent contact persons - we guarantee a high-end production with a constant quality!!

Soo once you are here... why don't capture some Video Footage of your time in the Studio?? Whether an interview, a Live- or Studio Video of you performing your newest tracks, or an electronic press kit (EPK) to create some content for your Youtube or Website... at Mastermixstudio you get it all.
We offer video recordings of all kinds to get you the best out of your Projects.

Come over, create something beautiful and exciting in our "Modern Vintage" Recording Studio !

We are looking forward to seeing you!


- Konstantin Wecker:

   - Poesie und Widerstand (2017)

   - Sage Nein! - Antifaschistische Lieder von 1978 bis heute (2018)

   - Weltenbrand Live - mit der bayerischen Philharmonie unter der Leitung von Mark Mast (2019)

- VincentCrusiusEnsemble:​ (2018)

- Claus Raible Trio:

   - 2018


- Echoes of Swing:





   -DRDW (2017)

- Lena Valaitis:

   - Meine Sprache ist die Musik (2017)


- Jack White Productions

- Tölzer Knabenchor:

- Watersun:

   -Mind 2 Zero (2010)

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